An effective marketing campaign always begins with a solid strategy. Whether your goal is to raise brand awareness, drive more installs, or retain high lifetime value users, it pays to step up your branding game. It helps your target audience to remember your brand, which is followed by gaining their trust, which leads to conversion. Read on to learn about how you can apply a branding campaign strategy in your next campaign.

To reach the goal of increasing brand awareness and push for as many installs, sequential messaging was used. The branding campaign ran for a period of fourteen days, with the number of days equally divided between the two phases.

Phase one
Phase one is known as the pre-registration phase, which is done before the app is launched in the app store. Its primary purpose is to hype the target audience. If the branding campaign was a movie, phase one would be the trailer, and in this specific example, the trailer consists of two parts (or two messagings).

The first messaging of phase one highlighted a feature of the new app while the second messaging introduced the new game characters. The result showed that the character design delivered a click through rate (CTR) that was 9% higher than the new features design.


Phase two
The second phase takes a more aggressive sequential messaging path wherein six creative ads in the sequence were shown to the users who had not installed the app after the pre-registration phase. The six creatives had been applied separately into three audience segments to make the ads more personalized.

This makes sense given that the campaign targets users who have not installed the new app. It also shows that even if sequential messaging is beneficial to drive more installs and brand awareness, it seems that the first ad is already enough to entice users to download the new app.

Creative learnings
Looking at the results of the two phases, we have again proven that creative plays a huge role in achieving successful campaign performance. Making the users feel excited about the new app by showing enticing ads, aiming to spark curiosity for the new app offering by showing the new features and characters, and using 3D effects to make the ad more memorable improves the chances of a positive reception for your new app.

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